How to Increase Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a phrase you've probably heard before. But what is it? Search Engine Optimization, or "SEO" is your company's ability to climb the rankings of google, bing, yelp, and other third-party search sites. For example if you're a shoe seller in Fargo, North Dakota, you want to be the first business that pops up when someone enters into google, "shoe stores Fargo, North Dakota." 

Just having a website is the first step to showing up on these listings, so by signing up for Clover Online, you're on the right track. Another big step you'll want to take is setting up a Google My Business Account. It's free, and it's how google values businesses across its entire suite of services. With google's status as the top search engine, in terms of usage, this will go a long way toward improving your SEO. 

For our Clover register users, you may also want to continue signing up for a Clover Online Listings account. While not specifically and "SEO" application, it will help with your SEO by giving you one easy-to-manage place to publish your business information across 60+ third-party search sites. 


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