How to Delete Your Products in Bulk

Clover Online imports all of your products from Clover Inventory right into the application. But what if you don't want to sell all of your products online? If you have a vast amount of inventory, you may want to delete some products in bulk. 

To do so, go to your products list by clicking "Manage" in the products section of your dashboard. 


Here you'll see all the inventory that's been imported into Clover Online. To delete multiple items at the same time, simply check all the items you'd like to delete. Then click the trash can icon and confirm you'd like to delete these products. 

If you have many similar products that you can delete all at once, and they have a same name or keyword (for example you want to delete all of the products with the the pants in your inventory) you can take advantage of the search function. Using this example, simply type in the search box "pants." This will bring up all products with "pants" in the product name. 

Then check the box directly to the left of name, and all these products will be selected.

Then, delete them by clicking "Delete Selected." 


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