How to Set a Refund Policy in Clover Online

Hi, and welcome back to Clover Online. Before you can start selling, you’ll need to set a refund policy. This can be as simple as selecting that you don’t have a refund policy, but you’ll still need to indicate that for your customers. Let’s show you how to setup your return policy now.

Go to your store settings by clicking “Review” from the store settings section of your dashboard. You can also access your store settings by clicking this hamburger menu over here. Ok, now scroll down to the refunds section, and again click review.

From here, you'll select one of two options. If you don't have a refund policy simply check the corresponding bubble next to "No returns or refunds, all sales are final," then click Save. And if you don’t want a refund policy, that’s it.

If you do have a refund policy, then click the bubble next to "I want to create a refund policy." This will bring down the fields where you will create your refund policy.

Fill in the fields with the information that is right for you. I'm going to have a refund policy that allows returns within 30 days and requires a receipt. I will also elect to cover the shipping charges, and will refund customers' purchases in cash. So I will reflect all of those options here.

When you're done, click save. It's important to note that the refund policy we just created is purely informative. The actual act of refunding the customer and receiving the returned goods will need to be made outside of the application.

Now let’s go into Clover Online to see how the refund policy will look live. Click this link over here to go to your site. Customers will access the policy from the bottom of your website (known as the footer) by clicking on the Shipping, Refund and Contact Information link.

Underneath the shipping options, your customers will now see your clearly stated return and refund policy.

And that’s it. For more helpful how-tos, visit Thanks, and I hope you enjoy selling with Clover Online.

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