How to Enable Enhanced Ecommerce

After you sync your Google Analytics account with your Clover Online, you'll want to enable the "enhanced ecommerce" feature. This activates Google Analytics' ecommerce tracking functionalities. It allows Google Analytics to track monetary and product information from transactions pertaining to checkout/shopping cart activity in your live Clover Online website.  

Go to the account information section of your Clover Online dashboard and click "Review." 


From your account information page, scroll down until you see the section titled "Google Analytics." At this point you should already have your Analytics Tracking ID. Skip down to the sub-section titled "Enhanced Ecommerce." 

You'll need to sign into your Google Analytics account to enable enhanced ecommerce. From the sign in dropdown, select Google Analytics. 

Click the Admin tab at the top. 

On the dropdown on the right-hand side, click Ecommerce Settings. 

Click the enhanced ecommerce toggle to on. 

Click Submit. Then go back to the Clover Online app. Go the enhanced ecommerce subsection, check the box and click save. 




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