How to Enable Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful (and free!) tool used to monitor your website activity. It gives an in-depth look into your audience and behavior, can help you gain more traffic to your site, and more attention to your business. The Google Analytics tool will show you:

  • The amount of visitors to your website
  • What they do when they're on your site— how long visitors stay on your site, which pages are getting the most traffic, what page is causing users to leave most frequently, and more
  • See where visitors are coming to your website from (I.E. Google search, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) 
  • Much, much more

To get started, go to the account information section of your Clover Online dashboard and click "Review." 


You can also access your account information by clicking the settings option from the tool bar on left-hand side of your administrative dashboard. 


From your account information page, scroll down until you see the section titled "Google Analytics." 

You'll need to capture your Google Analytics Tracking ID. Go to and sign into your account. From the sign in dropdown, select Google Analytics. 

Click the Admin tab at the top. 

From the account dropdown, select the desired account. (Some merchants may have more than one). 

Select the desired property. (Again, some merchants may have more than one property). 

Underneath the property dropdown, select "Tracking Info."

Then select "Tracking Code." 

In the middle of the page, copy your Tracking ID. 

Go back to your Clover Online account information page. Paste your ID into the Google Analytics field and click save. 



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