What is a Legacy Theme?

In June of 2016, Clover Online upgraded its themes to make for smoother and simpler editing for the user. Key features include enhanced image management, improved cropping features and new data options—such as business hours.

Due to these upgrades, some pre-existing themes have been replaced. Don't worry, if you already set up your site on a theme before the upgrades were released, your data is safe—that's where the legacy themes come in. 

"Legacy Themes" simply refer to themes that existed before the upgrade. It's how we ensure pre-upgrade users can still use their original theme, and will never lose their edits and data. With that being said, edits can no longer be made on legacy themes. If you don't need to edit the design of your site, this will not impact you. If you do, and you're still on one of the legacy themes, you'll need to switch over to one of the modern themes. 

And yes, support is still offered for the legacy themes, exactly the same as the upgraded ones. 

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