How to Select a Featured Product for Clover Online

Selecting a featured product is a key tool for retailers. It allows you to determine what product or products are displayed prominently on your live website. 

Clover Online gives you the freedom to designate any item or items as featured products by editing your design to display them front and center. Go to your design theme by clicking "customize" from the design section of your dashboard. 


In the desired section of your theme, add the image of your featured product by clicking the default image. There are two ways to add an image to Clover Online. One is to simply drag and drop the image, as seen below. Then, select the product link that you want to take your customers to for checkout. 


The other way to add an image is to select it from a file in a different section of your computer. Click on the "upload" link to bring up your computer's file finder, and upload the image. Again, be sure to link to the product once you've uploaded your image.


Finally, click on the text section of the product editor. Name the product and again, link to it. You may have the option to add a longer product description in your theme. Feel free to do so by repeating these steps in the second text section. 

Finally, if the section where you've added these products includes an option for header text, edit it to read "Featured Products," "Best Sellers," or whatever you see fit. If it's appropriate for you to take your customers to a product or product category from this text, feel free to link to the appropriate destination here as well. 


Click "Preview" in the upper right-hand corner at any point to see what your edits will look like live. When you're done, be sure to click "Publish" (also in upper right) to make your changes appear live on your website. 

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