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Hi, and welcome to Clover Online. We're glad you've chosen to work with us for your online retail solution. Let's get you up and running, so you can start making your online sales. 

First, it's important to note that this support section is for store owners who are adding the Clover Online application to their clover.com accounts. If you're using Clover Online only and do not use other Clover services, such as Clover POS, then please hop over to the Clover Online ONLY videos.

Ok, once you've logged into Clover, look for the Clover Online logo on your screen. If Online Store isn’t pre-installed on your home screen, simply find the Clover Online app in the Clover marketplace and install it.

Click the Online app, and you’ll be redirected to Clover Online.

As your important business information, such as product inventory, is being imported into Clover Online, you’ll see some key features highlighted. First and foremost, you can launch your website at any time. Want to launch with just your products and default settings? Go right ahead. Want to take your time and design a beautiful site first? Our dedicated support team will be right there with you, every step of the way. And if you do want to complete all the steps, you can do so in the order of your choosing.

Now we’ve been redirected to the landing page. Again, Clover Online is customizable to your needs. Want to create a business website that will get you seen online and drive traffic to your store? Go ahead and click “Create Website.” Want a fully functional ecommerce site? Click “Build Store.”

All you’ll need to do for a business website is design your store, which we’ll touch on briefly later and go through in detail in a design-focused video. So for now we’ll go ahead to “Build Store” so we can show you all of Clover Online's key features.

Once you've reviewed the Clover Online's terms, click to accept, then click “Add an Online Store.” Welcome to your launch checklist. Let’s give you a quick overview before we dive deeper into the key features.

Up here at the top you’ll see a link to schedule a consultation about our VIP setup service. That’s our white glove treatment, where we’ll build the site for you. Yep, that’s right we can build your entire online store. If that’s an option you’d like to explore, click the VIP Setup Service link, fill in the boxes with your information and click “Go VIP” to schedule a call.

If you aren’t interested, you can get this notification out of the way by clicking this box. Ok now, here’s the feature we mentioned earlier about launching your website right away. I could launch a website capable of making sales right now with no additional work, just by clicking this button. I can also preview my site to see what it will look like live by clicking this link over here. Again, you can launch at any time. Go through all the steps, then launch, do a little work, launch, come back, do some more work, whatever you want to do, the choice is yours!

Again, you can complete any of these steps in any order you like. For our friends that just want to launch a business website, let’s go ahead and show them how to design their online store.

Scroll through our design library. We have over 20 themes available for you to pick from. You can customize each one as much as you like, so don’t feel like you’re locked into the look. The default settings are just to show how the site could look across a number of industries. Though, again, you can launch with any of the default themes if you like.

Let’s take a quick minute to talk about the minimalist theme. If you launch your store without making any further edits to the default, this is the theme you’ll launch with. I’m not going to click launch because there are pre and post-launch administrative options, and I want to show you the whole pre-launch checklist first. But I’ll show you what the site would look like if you clicked that launch button, so I’ll click the Preview link I mentioned before. It’s basic: no photos, no descriptions. But hey, with just a few clicks, you’ve got a functional ecommerce site. Let’s go back to the theme library.  

If you start to edit a theme and click “publish,” that will be your theme with the edits you made. So if it’s not complete, you may want to come back and select the default minimalist design instead of publishing your incomplete theme. Again, this is entirely up to you.

Let me click a theme here and give you a quick tour and show you some design tips. I’ll just go ahead and click this first American Regal theme. You can do a full, virtually-guided tour, but you’ve got me here so I’ll just show you around and click out of this. Take a look around.

These dotted lines indicate an editable portion of the site, which you’ll see is just about all of it. If I want to edit this text, I’ll just click right in here, type in my changes and click save. Whether you’re adding design photos or product photos, uploading images is the same throughout Clover Online, and there are two ways you can do so. Let’s show you both methods now.

Again, I’ll click into the portion of the site I want to edit. This will bring up the image edit widget. To add a new home banner, I can click right here to upload. I’m gonna make this image a little smaller for a better fit. Then I’ll click save. If you thought that was easy the other way might be even simpler.

I’m going to click back in here. Now, if you have the image stashed on your desktop, you can just drag, drop and save. How cool is that?

I’ll dive a lot deeper into design with a video dedicated to these features called “How to Design your Clover Online,” so check back in at support.mycloveronline.com if you want to see more.

I’m going to go ahead and publish these changes which will save my edits and replace the default minimalist theme. I can always go back and publish as Minimalist, or any other theme. Before I go back to the pre-launch checklist, let me show you another cool little feature.

You can go back to your checklist by clicking “Home,” or you can go straight into the other features right from this sidebar. Here’s where you’ll process orders, manage products, check your store features like tax rates and shipping rates, review your business settings, go straight to the support website, or logout.

Let’s click “Home” to get back to the checklist. Ok, I’m going to give you an overview of each feature. It really doesn’t matter the order I go in, so I’ll just go left to right. Again, I’m just going through the basics here, and all of these features have video dedicated entirely to them with more detail.

To review my account information and add business hours, I’m going to click “Review” from underneath the store settings page. Here’s all my business information that was imported from my clover.com account.

You’ll see my business name, address, contact info and current URL. All of these items are editable. Here’s where I’ll add my business hours, which I’ll show you really quick.

And I’ll go ahead and click save. Ok, now we’re back to the checklist, and I’ll click “Configure” underneath products. Again, my title and price have been imported already. I’m going to add a description and product image.

Just like in the design theme, there are two ways to add the image. I’ll go through the file finder here and click Save. Now I’ll go back home.

Last but not least, let’s add a quick tax and shipping rate. I’ll click review here to add a shipping rate. And I’ll quickly add a flat shipping rate of 5 dollars for all sales of all products and put in the expected delivery time. Just FYI you can also add rates by the total dollar amount, and/or the weight-based rates. All right I’m good here so I’ll click save and go back to the checklist.

And I’ll do the same thing here and add a quick tax rate. I’ll name this Maryland retail tax which has a tax rate of six percent, country is U.S. and state is Maryland. Save, and back home again.

And that’s it. I just went through the basics, but I could launch a fully functional ecommerce site right now if I wanted to. Thanks for taking the time to explore Clover Online with me today, and for more helpful how tos, visit us again at support.mycloveronline.com.

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