How to Add a Discount Code in Clover Online

Note: Your site must be launched before you can configure discount codes.

You may want to add a discount code (also known as promo codes or coupon codes) to your products so you can run sales and promotions. Clover Online makes this easy. Go to your settings by clicking the the shopping cart on the left-hand side of your administrative dashboard. 



Scroll down to the section titled "Discounts" and click the "Review" link.

On the next screen, click "Add Discount Code." 

Name the code and create a time range that you'd like the discount to be valid for. If you want to put a limit on the amount of times someone can use this discount, insert that amount, or keep the "no limit" box checked. 

Then, determine the value of the discount. You can choose a percentage discount of a fixed amount, and then determine your desired value in the field next to "Take."


Next, you'll select your discount criteria.  

Clicking the dropdown will present you with four different options for your discount. You can have a discount for any order, set a price threshold the customer must hit to earn the discount, select a discount for a specific product/product category, or give shipping charge discounts. 

Selecting the "Orders Over" function will bring up a field to insert the value that customers must hit to get the discount. 

Similarly, selecting "Products" will cause you to choose the product or product category that is eligible for the discount. 

Once you've finished creating your discount, click save. 


Now, when you go to your discounts menu, you'll see your new discount. 

When your customers checkout, they'll be presented with an option to add a discount code. Now, they can simply type it in and get the discount. 

Lastly, you'll want to note that while you can always delete discounts by clicking the green trashcan, you can simply disable the sale instead so you don't have to keep creating and deleting sales, and re-enable it when you want to run the sale again (depending on date range selected the first time, you may need to edit the sale by clicking the green pencil and adding a new date range). To disable a sale, simply make sure the slider under "Enable" is grayed out instead of green for go. 

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