How Clover Online ONLY Users Import Products in Bulk

First, it's important to note that this article is for Clover Online ONLY users. If you use other Clover products, such as Clover Inventory, your products are imported automatically.  u Not sure what kind of account you have? Click here

If you want to import your entire product inventory at once, instead of one by one, Clover Online allows you to do easily do so. 

To get started, go to your Clover Online administrator's dashboard if you aren't there already. Then, click on "Products" from the admin. toolbar on the left. 


Click on the “More” tab on the right and select “Import Products” from the drop down. 

This will provide you with the screen where you can import all the product data that you have saved to a CSV file. A CSV stands for comma separated value, and is accessible through Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or whatever software you use to do spreadsheets. If you're sure you want to import this data, choose the file and click "Upload File." If nor, click "Cancel."

You'll need your your CSV to be setup in a format that Clover Online can understand. If this if your first time importing data into Clover Online, you may want to download a sample CSV, which you can download by clicking on the green text above. 

If your CSV doesn't meet the Clover Online template requirements, the system is complete with intelligent error diagnostics. It will pinpoint any and all errors, as seen below, so you can quickly identify and fix them.

If you're getting an error message go into your CSV and make sure it's in the format seen here:

Again, feel free to download the sample CSV to compare and make the necessary edits to your document. 

Additional Tips: How to Convert your File to a CSV:

Converting your Excel file to a CSV is simple. Simply save your file, or "Save As" if it's already been saved in standard Excel format. Underneath where you will name the file and choose its destination, you'll see a dropdown next to the word, "Format." 

From the dropdown, select "Comma Separated Value (.csv). 

Once you're finished, click save. 

Please note that this article if for Clover Register users. If you're a Clover Online ONLY user, please hop over to this article. Not sure what kind of account you have? Click here

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