How to Manage Orders in Clover Online

Hi, and welcome back to Clover Online. First, it's important to note that this support section is for clients who added the Clover Online application to their account. If you're using Clover Online only and do not use other Clover services, such as Clover POS, then please hop over to the Clover Online ONLY checklist videos.

Ok, let’s show you how to manage your orders. Log into if you aren’t already and click on the Orders application to open it. This is where you’ll view and manage all your orders. Clover provides search filters for you to quickly find the desired order. You can even filter by a specific date range. (show it, bring up order).

Orders made in Clover Online will be distinguished by a note reading “online order,” with the ID number and shipment status. Ok, now that we’ve showed you where to find your orders, let’s show you a quick real-time application.

I’ll go to my Clover Online by clicking the application, which will redirect me to my administrative dashboard. I’m going to place a quick order now by going into my live store. 

Now I’ll go into my Online orders. This is where you manage your online orders. However, Clover offers a 360-degree view of all orders in one easy-to-manage channel, which you’ll see processed here. Ok, now back to order management. I’ll mark this as shipped. Then I’ll go to my Clover Orders app.

And look, my order has already been marked as shipped.

And that’s it. For more helpful how-tos, visit Thanks, and I hope you enjoy selling with Clover Online.  

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