How to Import Products in Bulk to Clover Online

Hi, and welcome back to Clover Online. First, it's important to note that this support article is for store owners who are using Clover Online only. If you have a account and are using other Clover services, such as Clover Inventory, your products will sync for you automatically. 

When you’re adding a product, you might want to dive right in and add your entire inventory in one go. To do so, just click on this hamburger menu over here and go to products. Click on the “More” tab and click on “import products.”

This is where you’ll load your entire product inventory through a CSV. A CSV file stands for comma separated value, and is accessible through Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or whatever software you use to do spreadsheets.

You’ll want to download this template to make sure you have your inventory saved in a format that Clover Online will understand. Look, I’ve got my product inventory right here saved in this format. Now I’ll choose this file... and I successfully uploaded it.

If there are any errors in the file, Clover Online will point them out to you so you can simply make any necessary changes.

Ok that’s it. You’ve successfully imported your entire inventory into Clover Online. Now you’ll just need to go and add images for each of these products.

For more helpful how-tos, visit Thanks, and I hope you enjoy selling with Clover Online.

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