How Clover Register Users Manage Orders

After your customers have placed orders, you may need to check on their status, their history, or notes from your customer service staff. Reviewing your orders is easy, but first, it's important to note that this article is for Clover Register users—clients who have a account and use other Clover services. If you use Clover Online ONLY, please visit this article

Go into your Clover Online administrator's dashboard if you aren't there already, and click on the "Fulfill" in the orders section. 


From this screen, click on the order you'd like to manage. If you have a lot of orders, utilize the search function by entering an order number, customer name, email or order status. 

This is where you can view orders in Clover Online. You can mark them as shipped, add notes, print the invoice and/or cancel the order. 

In the order history, you'll see a message "Sent to Clover" with a link. If you click that link, it will take you straight to your Clover orders app, where you can manage the order right along with the rest of the sales that have come from Clover Register.

The orders that come from Clover Online will be marked with a note in red, as seen below:


Click the "View Details" link on the right-hand side. This will take you to your order details, where you can view payments, process refunds, etc., just like any other orders you've received in Clover Register. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to process your Clover Online orders entirely in, you can go into the orders app from the home screen. 

On the orders screen, click in the search bar, and enter a term. You can search by order ID, order number customer name or a note you may have made about the order. Again, just look for the note specifying the order as an "Online Order" and continue to manage your order as you would normally. 

One last thing to note is the search function, which will be useful if you have a lot of orders, or you if you're trying to track down an old one.

With the search filters, you can narrow down your search even further by searching through order total, method of transaction, date range and more. 

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