What Kind of Account Do I Have?

As you visit our support articles, you'll notice there is support dedicated to two kinds of account owners: Store owners who also have a Clover Register account connected to their Clover Online, and store owners that ONLY user Clover Online, and are not integrating with a Clover POS. 

If you have a Clover Register account that you use for point of sale, managing inventory, reporting and more, then you are a Clover Register user. 

If you do not, then you'll want to visit the support articles that are not for Clover Register users. 

With that being said, there are some processes that pertain only to Clover Register Users, some that pertain only to non-Clover Register users, and some that are the same for both. If an article is for a specific users, it will be indicated at the top.

If the function is the same for both Clover Register and non-Clover Register users, then there will be no indication at the top, and you can proceed confidently with the directions. 

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