How Clover Register Users Design Their Website

First, it's important to note that this support section is for users that have a Clover Register account. If you're using Clover Online only, then please visit this section. Not sure what kind of account you have? Click here.    

Before you launch, you'll need to pick a theme and design your site. (Don't worry, no web or graphic design skills required). 

To get started, log into if you aren't already and select the Clover Online app, which should be installed from step one of the checklist


If you're still in your launch checklist, click the "Customize" from the design section of the page. 


If you've already completed your launch checklist, then click "Customize" from the design section of your Clover Online administrator's dashboard if you'd like to work on your current design. If you want a new theme, click "Browse Themes."   


Browse through the available themes until you see one you like. Click, "View Theme," and then "View Demo" to get an in-depth look at the theme. If you like the preview, click “Select Theme” to start editing it.

From here, you can customize your design by simply clicking on what you want to edit. All editable sections have a dotted line around them. You can also change the background banners by selecting one of the others, or importing your own custom background. 

Note: if at any point you’d like to see how your progress will look live, click the “Preview” tab in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 

For the home banners, you have the option to add multiple images, which will rotate as the shopper is touring your site. To take advantage of this option, click in the "hero" section (i.e. the large front and center image that the shopper will see first. Then click the box with the little left-right arrow icons. 


This will bring up the option to enable to the image carousel. Click the on/off slider in the upper left to "on." Now you'll have the option to add as many as four images, which will rotate through while the shopper is on the home page. 

Whether you're using the carousel, just one banner image, any other design edits or a product photo, you'll add images to Clover Online the same wayTo upload your images, simply click the default, then click the "change image" tab.


Then, click "Add Another Image." Note that any images you've already uploaded will already be here for you to select. If you've already uploaded the image you want to select, skip to the next step. 

For the home banner images, you can also choose to add mobile versions of your desktop images. To do so, simply click the mobile layout are you're editing the home banner images:


Upload as you did your desktop home banner images, then just crop as desired and click save.



This will bring up the file finder on your computer. Select the image you'd like to import. Then you'll see it in the library. Click the image so that it's marked with the green check mark, then click "Select Image" at the bottom of the image upload widget. 



This will replace the default image. Be sure to save your edits.


If you'd like to take advantage of Clover Online's stock images, go through a similar process, but click "Stock Images after you click "Change Image.":Stock_Image_Large__1_.gifstock_image_gif.mp4

Now, if your company has a Facebook and/or Twitter profile, there are options for you to connect with your customers right off your website. If you’d like to enable your Twitter Widget visit the support document, “Enabling Facebook and Twitter Share Buttons.”

The best part about adding your social profiles is that you only have to do it once! If you're bouncing around from theme to theme to see what works best for your store, Clover Online saves this information for future use. 

Awesome, you've now completed all the major required steps to launch your store!

From here, you can either connect your social media accounts, or feel free to play around with further customizations. If you need help, just search in support, and we'll be with you every step of the way. 

Please note that this support section is for users that have a Clover Register account. If you're using Online only, then please visit this section. Not sure what kind of account you have? Click here.    

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