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Welcome to Clover Online. We're glad you've chosen to work with us for your online retail solution. Let's get you up and running, so you can start selling to your customers all over the world. 

First, it's important to note that this support section is for users that have a Clover Register account. If you're using Clover Online only, then please visit this section. Not sure what kind of account you have? Click here.   

Ok, once you've logged into clover.com, click "Online" from the toolbar on the left-hand side of your screen: 


Then click to learn more about Clover Online's tiers and subscriptions. If you're interested in learning more about Clover Online Listings (the product offered on the left, click to learn more or click here). 


Then click to install for free and select a subscription. 


Next you'll select your subscription tier. You've already been offered a basic, free subscription. Click to upgrade to one of the paid subscription tiers (all tiers offer a 30-day free trial, and you'll never sign a contract). If you'd like to sell retail online or have a clean, menu-enabled restaurant experience, click for Clover Online Pro. If you'd like to get online but not sell, click to install Plus. 


Next, either click to learn more about Listings or "No thanks" to start configuring your site now. 


After you accept the terms and conditions, your new website builder will install! This will trigger some brief yet informative information, which you can choose to skip by selecting "Proceed to Setup."



The first slide lets you know about our design templates, while the second emphasizes you can launch your website at any time. Yes, even right after you click the application, without anymore work put into it. It will be very basic—no photos, no product descriptions— but you can launch the site and start selling inventory right away.


You can even launch the default, work on the design or site settings, keep the default launched, and come back and do more work later until you're done and have a beautiful, detailed site.

Lastly, we want to emphasize our robust client support portal, support.mycloveronline.com. You're reading this, so you've already found us, but you can go straight to the support site by clicking any of the question mark icons. There will always be one on the sidebar to your left, between "settings" and "logout."


After importing your business information, you'll be welcomed by our landing page. 


Now you'll select your final plan. If you aren't ready to sell inventory, select "Create Website" on the left and you can come back and upgrade when you're ready to sell. If you're ready to get selling, click "Build Store." Lastly, if you are a restaurant merchant looking for a clean and responsive website experience, click "Create Restaurant." Please note that ecommerce/online ordering is not offered for the restaurant experience. Now you'll be presented with your new Clover Online dashboard!


You can launch right now with the basic default settings if you want.   


The rest of the steps you can do whenever you want, and in whatever order you want. 

We have articles dedicated entirely to each feature that will detail everything you need to know. Again, you can complete these steps in whatever order you like. To learn more about a feature, click the requisite link below:

Please note that this support section is for users that have a Clover Register account. If you're using Online only, then please visit this section. Not sure what kind of account you have? Click here.    

Next Up: Confirm or change your business information

Need additional help? You can always contact us directly.


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