How Clover Register Users Add and Edit Products to Clover Online

Note: Product names will only be imported from Clover Inventory to Clover Online one time—during initial Clover Online application launch. After initial import, merchants will add and edit product names within the Online App

First, it's important to note that this support section is for users that have a Clover Register account. If you're using Clover Online only, then please visit this section. Not sure what kind of account you have? Click here.    

As a user, your entire product inventory was uploaded to Clover Online upon installation. If you need to add a new product, you'll do it just like you did in your Clover Inventory app all along, and the product will be imported over. In case you need a refresher, we've provided a little how-to below. If you want to skip ahead to the details that you will add directly in the Clover Online app, skip down to the section "Make Your Products Web Ready". Go to and log in if you aren't already. Then, select the Inventory application by clicking "Inventory" on the menu on the left-hand side.  



Click, “Add New Item.”

Name the item. You can optionally add an alternate name in the requisite field.

Then, give it a price and assign it to any category you have setup. If you need help with product categories, visit our support article on how to manage product categories.

Add any tax rates associated with this product. If the product has a SKU, we recommend you add it here, since it will help you track your inventory. When you’re done, save your product, then click on the "Setup" tab. Tax rates are handled entirely in 

To ensure proper stock management, make sure both of the boxes are checked as seen above. 

Make Your Products Web Ready

As detailed previously, you'll add any new products in the Inventory app, and they'll be imported over here. For a great online experience, you'll want to add some details to your product to make them ready for the web. Let's dive in.

Log into your Clover Online. Go to your products list. If you're still pre-launch you'll find that in the Products box, where you'll click configure.


From here you'll see your product inventory. Click the name of the product to enter your product details. Your product name and price are already here, and would need to be edited back in the Clover Inventory app. But here is where you'll add your product photos, product description, and other details. Let's start with your product description.

How to Add and Write a Good Product Description

Directly underneath your product name, you'll see a box for product description. 


Look at my description. The shopper knows exactly what he's going to get, but it's not too wordy either. Just type it in like you would in Microsoft Word or any text editor, and you're good to go. 

How to Add a Product Weight, SKU, and Activate/Suspend Sale

These options located just underneath the product details. 


If you entered a SKU in the Inventory app, it will have been imported already. 

Product weight: If you are charging shipping rates by the weight of the product, you'll definitely want to enter the weight, so your product gets the appropriate shipping rate. Simply weigh the product and enter the weight in pounds into the field directly underneath your SKU. 

Active Product: You'll likely want this product to register one of your tax rates. For this, just check the box next to Taxable product. Active Product means the product is available for sale online. Making it inactive will suspend online sale but not effect your inventory. You can mark a product active or inactive at your convenience, nothing is locked in. If you run out of inventory and want to suspend online sale, uncheck the active product box. Once you get your new inventory, come back and mark it active again. 

How to Add a Product Image

Just underneath the product description section, you'll see an area to upload a product image:

It's worth noting that whether you're adding a product image, background photo for your site, or a logo, the process for adding an image to Clover Online is the same.

Simply click within the editor to open up the file explorer on your computer. Double-click on the product image file, and it will be uploaded into the image field.

Within your product editor, you can add multiple images for the same product. If you’d like to show the product at different angles, this is where you would enter the different product photos. In that case, the image on your left will be the primary product photo—the one shoppers will see first when searching your site. So slide the photos into the order that you'd like to the shopper to see first to last, from left to right. 

In the event you need to resize any images you have before uploading, you can see our guides on how to do so with a Mac or a PC.

Next up: How To Add Product SKU, Weight, and other Options

Need additional help? You can always contact us directly.

Please note that this support section is for users that have a Clover Register account. If you're using Online only, then please visit this section. Not sure what kind of account you have? Click here.    

Next up: How to Add Product Images

Need additional help? You can always contact us directly.

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