How to Add a Twitter Widget to your Clover Online

Hi, and welcome back to Clover Online. When you were designing your theme, you may have noticed some options to add a Twitter widget. This will display your twitter feed directly on your website, just as if your customers were right on your Twitter page, and also provides an easy way for your customers to follow you.

These are great ways to connect with shoppers and create a loyal fan base, so let’s go through how to set this function up now. 

Go into your theme if you aren’t there already by scrolling over to “Design” and then “Customize.” If you want a whole new theme that gives you this option, click on “Browse Themes” instead.

Ok, I have the American Regal theme, which includes the Twitter Widget option. It’s located down here toward the bottom. To insert your Twitter widget, simply click in this box to bring up the editor. Enter your Twitter ID. This is just your Twitter handle, minus the “at” sign. Click save.

And that’s it. If you like the look of the widget, click “Publish.” For more helpful “How-Tos” visit Thanks, and I hope you enjoy selling with Clover Online.  

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