How to Add a Shipping Rate Based on Order Total

To add a new shipping rate, go to your Clover Online administrator's dashboard if you aren't already. Then click the "Review" link from the settings field on the right-hand side. 


On the next screen, again, click "Review" on the top right. 

Click, "Add Shipping Rate."

Select the country you're shipping to and click the "By Order Total" option from the shipping rate type dropdown. Then, name the shipping option, give it a price and an expected delivery time. 

Next, define the ranges, and the amount you'd like to charge for each range. For this example, we'll create tiers that will give customers incentive to spend a little more by saving on shipping when they get to higher order totals.

So, we'll charge customers $4 for order totals $0-100, $3 for $100-200 and a flat $2 charge for all orders $200 and up. If you need more ranges, simply click, "Add Another Range" and repeat these steps. Click save when you're done. 


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