How to Manage Product Categories in Clover Online


Hi, and welcome back to Clover Online. Assigning categories is a great way to organize your products so your customers easily find products of interest, so let’s show you how to add, edit and delete product categories.

But first, it's important to note that this support section is for people who are NOT using a Clover Register account. If you have a Clover Register account, make sure you use our Clover Register tutorials. If you do NOT have a Clover Register account, then you're in the right place.

Ok, go into your products menu if you aren’t there already by clicking “manage” underneath the products field of your dashboard.

Scroll over to the right and click on the “More” dropdown and  Click, “Manage Categories.” This is where you can manage all of your categories.

To add a new one, simply click the “Add New Category” button . Here, just name it and save it. If you want to edit the name of a category, you can do so in this field.

Finally, if you’d like to delete a category, click the trash can icon, and simply confirm that you want to delete this category.

And that’s it. For more helpful “How-tos,” visit Thanks, and I hope you enjoy selling with Clover Online.

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