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Hi, and welcome back to Clover Online. Our video, “How to Add a Product in Clover Online” has already shown you the essentials of adding a product. Now let’s dig a little bit deeper by showing you how to add product options like sizes, colors, images and more. But first, it's important to note that this support section is for people who are NOT using a Clover Register account. If you have a Clover Register account, make sure you use our Clover Register tutorials. If you do NOT have a Clover Register account, then you're in the right place.

Go into your products menu if you aren’t there already by clicking “Products” in the center of your screen. You’ll have all the products you’ve added thus far in front of you. 

Click on your product that you’d like to add options to. Let’s start by adding a category. Click on the “Select a Category” tab and select “Add a Category” from the drop down. I’m going to create a category, and since this is a red shirt, I’m going to call the category “Shirts.” Now I’ll be be able to add all my shirts to one section of my website for easy shopping for the customer.

The next field is the price, which we already have filled in, so we’ll skip to the SKU, or Stock Keeping Unit. If your product has a SKU number, it’s not a bad idea to add it here, because it will help you track your inventory. I don’t have one though, so I’m going to leave it blank.

If you’re calculating shipping rates based off of the weight of the product, then enter a weight in the next field. This shirt weighs a pound so I’m going to enter that now. If you need to charge taxes for this product, go ahead and check the box for 'taxable product'.

If you’re ready to make this product available for sale, make sure the "Active Product" box is checked. If you would like to temporarily suspend sale of this product, you can always come back and uncheck this box.

Ok, now I want to add an image for this shirt. Drag a product image from your desktop into this field, or upload if from a file that’s in a folder on your computer.

If you want to track your inventory through your site, go ahead and select this option. I have 80 of these red shirts, so I’m going to put 80 in the quantity box. Then, you can choose to either allow customers to order the shirt whenever you’re out of stock, and you’ll ship it when you get more inventory, or remove it from the site when you hit zero. I’m going to leave it up so customers can get this shirt on back order.

All right, now I’m going to add some product variables to this shirt. I have this shirt in small, medium, large and extra large, and want my website to reflect that, so I’ll click “add product options” and enter that information now. (Pause One Second). That’s the only variable I have for this product, so I’m going to click “save.”

Ok, I have 20 of every size of this red shirt, so I’m going to put 20 in each quantity box. The price is $20 and don’t have a SKU, so I’ll leave that field blank and click “Save Product.”

And that’s it! For more helpful “How-to,” visit Thanks, and I hope you enjoy selling with Clover Online.  

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    James Kandy Alexander

    I have added the options to my products but when I launch my store, they are not in chronological order. Ex. Instead of being in order in my drop down menu as 12345.....and so on, they read all in random orders and no one on this support has been any help. I just keep getting that a ticket has been made after two weeks. Frustrating considering the amount of revenue I have lost.

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