How to Add a Theme And Design Clover Online

Hi, and welcome back to Clover Online. Let's show you how to add a theme so you can design your site.

Scroll down to the left until you see “Design.” From here, select “Browse Themes” if you want to pick an entirely new design, or “Customize” if you just want to work on your current theme. I’m going to select a new one, so I’ll click “Browse Themes.”

The Minimalist theme has been selected for me as a default, but I’m going to switch it to  American Regal. After the preview comes up, click “Select Theme” to start editing it.  

From here, you can customize your design by simply clicking on what you want to edit. All editable sections have a dotted line around them. 

To upload images of your own products, simply click the default image. Click "Add Another Image." Then upload your image through the file finder and click save. When you've completed all of your edits, be sure to click publish to save your work.  

And that’s it. Repeat these processes until you’ve got a completely customized website.

For more helpful how-to videos, visit Thanks, and I hope you enjoy selling with Clover Online.

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