How to Set a Weight-Based Shipping Rate to Your Clover Online

Let’s setup a weight-based shipping rate in your Clover Online.

Scroll over to the right-hand side of your dashboard to “settings” and click “Review” to access you ecommerce store settings page, which you can also access this from the main menu. On the top right, click the box titled, “Shipping.”

In the Shipping section field, again, click “Review.” Click the “Add Shipping Rate” button tab.

Select a country that you’ll be shipping to. Then, select “By Order Weight” as the type. Name your shipping rate. Give it a name specific to this rate. Then, type in the expected delivery time.

Now, you’ll need to define the weight tiers  and the rate you’ll charge for each range. Your first weight tier will obviously start at zero, so that’s in there by default. Directly underneath that field, click “Add Another Range.” Now, go back to the box next to “Up to” and determine the maximum weight for your first weight range. For example, putting 5 in this box will give you a rate for all order 0-5 lbs. And for that weight, I’ll charge my customers two dollars.

Now I’ll charge my customers a flat rate for all shipments five lbs  and up, so no need for me to add another range. And, I’ll charge my customer 4 dollars for all shipments in this range. To add more ranges, simply click add another range, and set a maximum weight for the second range.

Like I said, I’ll just have the two ranges, so I’ll go ahead and click save. And there’s my new shipping rate. It was that easy!

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How to Add a Shipping Rate in Clover Online


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