Communicating your Policies to your Customers with a Webpage

Clover Online gives you options to easily create your own web pages. These are designed for you to add pages where customers WON’T buy things from your site such as, “Contact Us,” or "Our Story." You may also want to create a page to clearly communicate your website's policies—such as returns and exchanges—to your customers. 

Go to the Clover Online administrator's dashboard if you aren't there already. Scroll over to the design section and click "Customize." 


Go to the top of your theme and click the dropdown next to the word "Page." To add a new page click the green, “Add a Page” link.


This will bring up fields for you to name the page and create the page URL. The URL will be auto-populated based off of your page name, but if you want something different, feel free to edit it in the URL field. 

Name the menu something that clearly communicates where your customer is going when they click on this link. In this case you can simply call this, “Terms of Use.”

One the next screen, you'll insert the page's content. 


If at any point you’d like to see how your progress will look live, click “Preview” in the upper right-hand of your theme editor. To submit these changes, click "Publish."  

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