How to Add a Page to Clover Online

Clover Online gives you options to easily create your own webpages. These are designed for you to add pages where customers WON’T buy things in your store such as, “Contact Us” or “Our Story.”

Clover Online has created a, “Contact Us” template for you by default, but let's take a look at adding an entirely new page. 

To add a page, go to your Clover Online administrator's dashboard if you aren't there already. Then click the green "Customize" tab at the bottom right of your design section. 

Go to the top of your theme. You'll see a drodown next to the word, "Page." Click the dropdown. To add a new page, click "Add a Page." To edit an existing one, simply click on the page you'd like to edit. 

You’ll notice a "Contact Us" has been created for you with default templates. If you'd like recommendations on how to fill out this page visit the support article, “How to Add a Contact Us Page in Clover Online.” For now, we'll show you how to add "Our Story," another suggested page that will help you develop a bond with your customers, by showing them how you got your business to where it is today.  

Click the “Add a Page” link from the drop down. This will bring up your page essentials. First, name your page. The name of your page will auto-populate a URL. If you want the URL to be something different, feel free to edit it in the corresponding field.


Save the new page. This will bring you to the Page Details Click in the editor to add your story:

At any point that you want to see what your new page will look like when it's live, click "Preview" in the upper right hand corner of your design editor. If you like how this page looks, click "Publish."

If you ever need to edit, rename, or delete a webpage, go back into the page dropdown and click the gear icon next to the corresponding webpage. This will bring up the aforementioned options. 

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