How to Add a Weight-Based Shipping Rate in Clover Online

To add a new shipping rate, go to your Clover Online administrator's dashboard if you aren't already. Then click the green "Review" tab from the settings field on the right-hand side. 


In the settings page, again, click "Review" from within the shipping field. 

Select the country you're shipping too and click the "weight-based" option from the shipping rate type dropdown. Then, name the shipping option, give it a price and an expected delivery time. 

Insert the weight, in pounds, that the shipping rate(s) will apply. You can scale different rates for different weights. For instance, you can charge $2 for for orders that weigh 0-5 pounds, and $4 for orders that way 5 pounds and up.


Repeat these steps for as many weight tiers and rates you'd like to add. Click save when you're done. 

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