How to Launch Your Clover Online and/or Take it off The Web

Q: "When can I launch? What do I have to do?"

A: "Now!"

That's right. You can launch a functional ecommerce site by doing nothing but installing the application and clicking "Launch Store."


Obviously if you don't complete any steps it will be a no-frills site. No photos, no descriptions. But hey, with just a few clicks you can start making online sales. Does it get any better than that? If you launch without any edits, your shoppers will see the basics provided by our "Minimalist" theme.  


Then they'll click the item and be brought to this checkout page: 


You can always do more administrative work to the site and/or chip away at customizing one of our more advanced design themes while you keep this no-frills site open.

Note: if you publish a custom theme to save the changes you're working on, you'll just need to go back to Minimalist and publish that theme. Your changes from your customized theme will be saved for when you want to go back and continue to work on it. For more information on design themes and all of the administrative options, visit our Quick-Start guide.

You can also turn Clover Online on or off at any point. If you are pre-launch admin. page will have the "Launch Store" link at the top center. If you have already launched once, you'll have to go into the store settings, which we'll detail below. 

If, after you launched, you want to shut the website back down for a bit, just go to your settings page by clicking the shopping cart on the left of your admin. screen. 


Then, on the top right, click the "Store is Open" slider to "off" and confirm that you'd like to shut the store down. 



Then to launch again, just repeat the steps to get into your store settings and this time click the slider to "on." 


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