How to Manage Orders in Clover Online

After your customers have placed orders, you may need to check on their status, their history, or notes from your customer service staff. Reviewing your orders is easy. Before we dive deeper please not that this article is for clients who are only using Clover Online. If you have a account and are using other Clover services, please visit this article.   

Go to your Clover Online's administrator's dashboard if you aren't there already. Scroll over to the orders section on the left-hand side, and click “Fulfill." 


Here, you’ll be given some options to search for orders.

To search for an order, first determine by what parameters you’d like to search. Order number? Customer name? Customer email? Select whatever will give you the easiest access to the order from the dropdown.

After you’ve determined how you're going to search for the order, insert the requisite information in the search field. For example, if you selected Order Number, and the Order Number was 5699558952L, you’d put that in the search field and then hit enter, or click the magnifying glass to search. 

Now that you’ve found your order, you may want to check the status. To do so, simply look along the right-hand side of the order details until you see, “Status.” You’ll see the current status right below it. In this example, the order went through successfully, the product was in stock, and it’s ready to ship.

If the product wasn't in stock, the status would read, “On Backorder,” until you replenish the supply.

In order to get the complete order summary, click on the green order number on the left-hand side. This is a link that will take you straight to the order status.

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Now, you can see the complete order summary, including payment, order notes, and order history. The payment details will be front and center for you. The order notes will be directly below that. The complete order history will be to the right of the notes, directly beneath the customer’s shipping information.

Notice the, “More” tab in the upper right-hand corner. If you click on that tab, that will bring up some additional options for you.

This is where you can print the invoice, cancel the order, or manually mark the order as paid if, for whatever reason, you process the payment outside of the Clover gateway.

Additionally you’ll notice the green, “Mark as Shipped” tab. This is where you can manually mark the product as shipped. To do this, you’ll need two pieces of information: the tracking number and the carrier.

You can also choose to send the customer a confirmation email by making sure the box is checked next to that option. This will automatically process the payment, so no need to go into the “More” tab and do so manually.

Unless you manually uncheck the, “Send Notification Email” box, your customers will always be notified whenever their orders are shipped.

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