How to Enable Facebook and Twitter Share Buttons in Clover Online

Clover Online gives you options to allow your customers to share their experience with their friends and followers on Twitter Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest. Fortunately, this is built right into your website, so there's nothing you have to do to enable this function!

If you look at one of your products on your website/preview, you'll see the logos for each of the aforementioned social platforms, directly underneath the "Add to Cart" button. 


Any customers that click on these buttons will automatically share this product with all of their friends and followers. Think of it as free advertising: if the customer has a thousand friends or followers, that's a thousand people that will see this shirt, with no effort on your behalf. What's not to love? 

For more on how to best utilize social media for ecommerce, visit our Clover Online Academy article, "How to Turn your Customers into a Community."

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