How to Customize Clover Online

The design of your store represents the face of your brand. Every retailer is different, and your website design should reflect this. To get started, go to your Clover Online administrator's dashboard if you aren't there already.

Scroll over to the design section and click "Customize" if you want to edit your existing design or "Browse Themes" if you want to select an entirely new design.  



If you've opted to select a new theme, click "Select Theme" from the "View Theme" preview. 

This is where you can create a completely customized WebStore. All editable fields will be marked by dotted outlines.

Simply click within these fields. This will bring up an editor where you can edit text and/or add images, depending on the section you're editing, and you can also add links

Clock through and edit any and all sections that you want, and you'll have a completely customized store!

For more help, you may want to take a look at the support article, "How to Add an Image in Clover Online." 

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Need additional help? You can always contact us directly.

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    Bryton Nixon

    Is there anyway to move text boxes around and resize them? Also is there a department or someone I can talk with that knows anything about the website designer? I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with tech support and she could not answer a single question. Her knowledge was based off of this portal and knew absolutely nothing about anything without looking at this same portal.

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