How to Add and Edit Products in Clover Online

First, it's important to note that this support section is for users that have a Clover Online account only. If you have a account and are using other Clover services, such as Clover Inventory, please visit this section. Not sure what kind of account you have? Click here.

In order to start selling, you'll need to add some product inventory. First, it's important to note that this support section is for users that have a Clover Online account only. If you're using other Clover services, such as Clover POS, please visit this section. Not sure what kind of account you have? Click here.   

Scroll over to the products option, then click the green "Configure" link.



From here you'll see your product inventory. If you haven't added anything yet simply the green "Add Product" link on the right-hand side of your products list. 


This will take you to your product details. You'll need to name the product and give it a price. All other fields are optional, though we recommend you at least add a product description and a photo, which we detail below. 


How to Add and Write a Good Product Description

Directly underneath your product name, you'll see a box for product description. 


Look at this description. The shopper knows exactly what he's going to get, but it's not too wordy either. Just type it in like you would in Microsoft Word or any text editor, and you're good to go. 

How to Add a Product Weight, SKU, Tax Products and Activate/Suspend Sale

These options are to the right of the product details. Let's start just under the price, which has already been imported into Clover Online. 


If you entered a SKU in the Inventory app, it will have been imported already. But you can add one here manually if you like. Just type in the product SKU and move onto...

Product weight: If you are charging shipping rates by the weight of the product, you'll definitely want to enter the weight, so your product gets the appropriate shipping rate. Simply weigh the product and enter the weight in pounds into the field directly underneath your SKU. 

Taxable/Active Product: You'll likely want this product to register one of your tax rates. For this, just check the box next to Taxable product. Active Product means the product is available for sale online. Making it inactive will suspend online sale but not effect your store inventory. You can mark a product active or inactive at your convenience, nothing is locked in. If you run out of inventory and want to suspend online sale, uncheck the active product box. Once you get your new inventory, come back and mark it active again. 

How to Add a Product Image

Just underneath the product description section, you'll see an area to upload a product image:

It's worth noting that whether you're adding a product image, background photo for your site, or a logo, the process for adding an image to Clover Online is the same, and there are two ways you can do so.

Bring up your image editor. Then, if you already have a picture of your product on your desktop, you can simply drag the picture into an editable field in your theme. 

You can also click within the editor to open up the file explorer on your computer. Double-click on the product image file, and it will be uploaded into the image field.

Within your product editor, you can also add multiple images for the same product. For example, if you’d like to show the product at different angles. In that case, the image on your left will be the primary product photo—the one shoppers will see first when searching your site. 

In the event you need to resize any images you have before uploading, you can see our guides on how to do so with a Mac or a PC.

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