How to Enable In-Store Pickup for Clover Online

You may want to offer in-store pickup for your shoppers. Whether it's an option for your customers to not have to pay for shipping, or you have large inventory that isn't feasible to ship, Clover Online makes it very easy to enable the "Click and Collect" feature. 

Log into your Clover Online account if you aren't already. Then, click "store" from the tool bar on the left-hand side of your screen to go to your store settings. 


In the second row, you'll see an an on/off toggle to enable store pickup. Click the toggle to the on position. This will add an extra option for shoppers on the checkout screen, where they can select in-store pickup, as opposed to a shipping rate. 


The next screen will show your business address, so your customers know where to come pick up their goods. If the buyer is not the one picking up the item, he or she can also note the first and last name of for the pickup person. Beneath the pickup address, buyers can add special instructions, such as "My cousin Jon will be picking this item up for me." 


This will bring up a final "Thank you" page that summarizes all the essential details of the order:


This will trigger a confirmation email sent to the buyer that will include the following.  

  • Subject: "Your Order XYZ has been received"
  • Tag line will include "Your order is ready for pickup" 
  • Status will be "Processing for pickup"
  • Email will include pickup address 
  • Email will include section for pickup person



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