How to Add Business Hours to Clover Listings

Having your business hours listed across the web is one of the most important aspects of a merchant's business. Upon a search, a potential customer can quickly see when your store is open, then come and make a purchase!

To add your business hours, go to the settings page from your Listings dashboard by either clicking "settings" on the left-hand toggle, or "review" on the lower right-hand side. 


Then, go underneath the website configuration section, click the toggle to turn on business hours, then click "add hours."


Then, simply add your business hours in the slots for your corresponding days and click "save changes" when you're done. 


Now your business hours will be listed on dozens of third-party sites across the web!


How to Add Holiday Hours


You may want to switch up your hours during holidays or other times of year. This will keep your store hours accurate, while saving the pain of constantly switching your business hours back and forth. To take advantage of this feature, go to the settings page of your Clover Online Listings dashboard by other clicking "settings" from the left-hand toolbar, or "Review" from near the bottom right. 

Then, just to the right of your business hours, switch "Holiday Hours" toggle to on. This will bring up the fields wear you'll enter your holiday or special hours. 


Enter the date that these hours will apply for, then enter your opening and closing times. To keep adding more holiday hours, simply click "Add Holiday Hours." Click save when you're done. 



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