What is The Red Notification on Some Orders?

Clover Online notifies merchants for certain issues pertaining to a sale. This is an informational alert that does NOT stop the payment from processing. It is intended to notify the merchant, where he or she will then make the decision to accept the payment, as seen in the notification below:


In this example, the security code on the back of the credit card used did not match what was entered in the checkout page. If you believe this to be an honest-to-goodness clerical error/typo, you may want to accept the payment. If you suspect this may be a fraudulent charge, you would want to stop the order from processing. Another issue that could trigger this notification is if the address or zip code do not match the card's records. Again, if believed to be an honest mistake, merchant may want to process order. If there's suspicion of fraudulent activity, the recommendation is to stop the charge. 

Whichever decision you make, process the order as usual, by taking the desired action from the "More" dropdown on the top right-hand side. 


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