Bonus: How Restaurants Setup Online Menus


For our clients in the restaurant industry, Clover offers menu functionality. While most of the key Clover Online features are the same, such as adding photos or editing your design theme, there are some key differences. In this article, we'll detail how to add a menu item, and how to use modifiers (think large/small, toppings, etc).

Log into your Clover account if you aren’t already. Click the Inventory application. 


If you are adding an item with modifiers, you’ll want to add or apply the modifier first. Modifiers could be sizes or toppings, so they could be critical to a restaurant business. If you don’t need modifiers, skip down to the instructions on adding an item. 

To add a modifier, first you’ll need to setup a modifier group. After clicking "Inventory," click “Modifier Group” from the dropdown.


Then click “Add Modifier Group.”


Set a baseline modifier. For example, if you have multiple sizes, treat one as the “standard” and the others as the additional prices. In my example, the standard sandwich will not have an additional price, and the large will be an additional two dollars. Save these modifiers when you’re done.

Now go to the items tab in your Inventory app and click “add new item.”



Name the item, give it a price, and assign it a category if need be. If you need to add a new category, simply click that option at the bottom of the category name drop down, name it and save it.


Now in the next row, select the modifier group we just added.


Click save when you’re done. To add product photos and see how your item will appear on your live site, go to the Clover Online app. If you have it open already, simply refresh your Clover Online page. If not, go to your Clover homepage and click the “Clover Online” app to open it.

Let’s go into our menu list. I’ll click the default empty image to add a new image of my product.


If you have an image for this photo, simply click “Add Another Image” and add your photo from the file finder.


If you’d like to add a photo from our stock images, simply click the “Stock Images” tab. Type in and enter a search term.


Click the desired image then click “Select Image” at the bottom.




Then crop, scale and confirm.


Now let’s see how my menu would look on my live site. To preview your site, click the small box in the upper right-hand corner, next to your business name.


On your store site, click “Menu” from the upper right-hand side.


Here’s my new item, front and center, with the size modifier represented.



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