How Much Does Clover Online Cost?

Clover Online is available at three different pricing tiers. There is a free "no-frills" version, a business-only version, and the full blown ecommerce-enabled Clover Online Pro. Upon installation, you will be offered all three options. Simply click the version that works for you. You can always add on/pick a different version later. 


Clover Online Basic:

This is the free version of the application. This version offers a basic website for no cost. You will not be able to make any sales or add any photos. But it will get your business "on the map" (see: appearing on google/search engine results) to drive foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store. 


Clover Online Plus:

For $14.95 a month you get everything from basic, plus the ability to fully customize your website using our collection of elegant design themes. You cannot make sales on this website, but you can add all the key information about your business. Add photos of your store or products, tell them "your story," show customers how to contact you, and drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar store. 


Clover Online Pro:

Everything from the first two tiers, plus the ability to makes online sales! For $29.95 a month you will have a fully customized, fully functional online store. Drive shoppers to your brick-and-mortar store AND make ecommerce sales. Screen_Shot_2017-05-30_at_1.35.30_PM.png

Clover Online Listings:

As well as the three website plans above, there is Clover Online Listings. Clover Online Listings will help you manage your third-party search listings and reviews. It can be used as a standalone service at 19.95/month, or bundled with one of the other paid subscriptions. If bundled with Plus, your total subscription cost would come to 34.90/month. If bundled with Pro, your total comes to 49.90/month. To learn more about Clover Online Listings, visit our support section on Listings


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