How Clover Online ONLY Users Manage Categories in Clover Online

First, it's important to note that this category management article is for clients that using Clover Online only. If you are using other Clover services, such as Clover Inventory, in your account, please hop over to this article.

To get started, go to your Clover Online dashboard. From here, click "Manage" from the products field. 


Next, select "Manage Categories" from the dropdown located at the top right of your products list. 

From here, you'll have some options for bulk category management. Let's start with what may be the most essential function. Merchants have the ability to mark entire product categories as either active or inactive. Any categories that will be marked as "inactive" will not be sold online, but will still be available for your offline inventory.

This can be useful if you'd like to suspend online sales for a category. Or, some merchants find it best for their organization to only sell select products online and name that category "Online Sales." In this use case, all other categories would be marked as inactive. 

Whatever your use, to make a product category available for online sales, make sure the blue box in the "Active" column is selected. To suspend online sale of this category, simply uncheck the correlating blue box. 

In the example outlined in the image above, only "Online Goods" is currently available for online sale. To edit the name of a category, simply click in the category name field and type in the desired name. 

To re arrange your list of categories, drag and drop into the desired order using the arrow function to the left of the category. 

The order seen in your manage categories screen is the order your customers will see when hovering over the "Shop" dropdown on your site.

So, if I wanted "Online Goods" to appear first, I'd drag that category to the top of my list and save my changes.

A simple refresh of my live site will reorder the dropdown. 

Finally, to delete a category, click the corresponding green trash can to the right of the category. 

Lastly, if you go back to your Product List, there's one more function to note. You can easily make individual products active or inactive for sale on your site, as opposed to entire categories. Simply scroll over to the "Active" column and mark the slider as "On" or "Off." In the example below, "New Shirt" and "Shirt" would be suspended from sale for my site, while "Ruby T-Shirt" is active and available.


To activate "New Shirt" and "Shirt," all I'd have to do is click the slider over to "On." It's also important to note that products in multiple categories will still be available online as it resides in one of the "active" categories. 

Note: There are some category management options available directly in Clover Inventory on Click here to learn more about those options. 


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